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December 15, 2014
Premieres Wednesday, 24 December at 9.30 pm
In just 22 minutes, fitness enthusiast Kelly Latimer and Chef Irene Jansen will serve up two tasty yet healthy dishes that you can enjoy even with a busy lifestyle!
December 1, 2014
Premieres Wednesday, 10 December at 9.00 pm
Food Hero winner Sarah Benjamin and the ever-innovative Chef Malcolm Goh travel across Asia’s most popular capitals and tuck into the cities’ most iconic dishes!
December 1, 2014
Premieres Tuesday, 16 December at 9.00 pm
Wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven and loveable chef Anis Nabilah explore Malaysia’s beautiful flora and fauna and cook up a storm in the great outdoors, using nature as their main inspiration!
November 30, 2014
The annual cook-off, Foodie Face-off SG 2014 saw home cooks taking on the challenge of preparing an appetiser and an entrée based on the theme, “Celebration Foods”. Click here to find out more.
November 1, 2014
Premieres Thursday, 27 November at 9.00 pm
10 individuals from all over the world travel across the Philippines to complete a set of tough physical and culinary challenges. At stake is USD 50,000 worth of prizes!
November 1, 2014
Premieres Friday, 28 November at 8.00 pm
Join chefs Will Meyrick and Rinrin Marinka as they uncover the best street-side fares in the Indonesian capital and dish up their own creative renditions of these popular Indonesian bites!
November 1, 2014
Premieres Thursday, 20 November at 8.30 pm
Cavin Soh explores the tasty cuisine of four Chinese dialect groups in Singapore, from the traditional Hokkien Prawn Noodles to the modern spin of Cantonese Scallop Dumplings!
October 8, 2014
14th - 15th October 2014
Indulge in the seasonal flavors of Scandinavia with Tareq Taylor, the star of "Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery"! With his love for wild nature, as well as his pure and simple approach to cooking, Tareq always brings out the best flavors from the freshest ingredients.
October 1, 2014
Thursday, 9 Oct 2014
Let Argentinian Chef Diego Jacquet be your host for the night as you embark on an exciting culinary adventure featuring bold Latin flavours. Chef Diego will present his own interpretation of "Food For the Soul," creating dishes that celebrate his great passion for convivial gatherings around the table, as you dine together in his beautifully renovated Robertson Quay restaurant and gourmet market.