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It's never too early to prepare for Chinese New Year! Join host Cavin Soh as he finds out what makes a perfect New Year feast. From visiting the factories of Singapore's most beloved brands to meeting the creators of popular New Year dishes in Singapore, Cavin won't stop exploring till he understands the true tradition and history behind this beloved holiday and its well known goodies. Join him as he invites the best chefs from popular Singaporean eateries, and teaches you how to make your own dishes as we usher in a prosperous New Year!
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Chef Martin Yan takes on the biggest adventure of his life! Venturing into the hearts of palm oil plantations of Malaysia, he braves searing heat, rain and creepy crawlies to discover the truth behind the world's most widely used food product - palm oil! Join him as he catches up with some of Malaysia's top chefs to cook a collection of simple homely recipes using palm oil right from the plantation. When working with deliciously fresh ingredients and world-class chefs, you can be sure that you are in for a culinary treat. Let Chef Yan take you 'Back to Basics' in this brand new AFC Original Production!
What happens when fashion and gastronomy collide? In this AFC Original Production, peek into the lives and culinary personas of Malaysian chefs, Sherson Lian and Jonny Fua, as they lead the kitchen of Kuala Lumpur's latest creative hot spot, Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant. Amidst the pressure, tension and drama, watch the two culinary maestros serve up elegance to the table, one dish at a time but not without a few roadblocks along the way!
Food is always the glue that brings people together! In this brand new AFC Original Production, Singaporean lawyer-turned-chef Willin Low whips up fuss-free and tasty party food. Blending Asian flavors with Western sensibility, Chef Willin creates dishes that are not only visually pleasing, but also delicious and easy to make! Get inspired by Chef Willin's globally influenced palate, and you'll be raring to throw your own stylish party in no time!
Join Malaysian heartthrob Chef Nik Michael Imran as he transforms everyday tea into a refreshing tea surprise! Learn how to make your very own Mojito tea and other delicious tea mocktails! Along the way, discover Chef Nik's culinary talent, and peek into his fun-filled life outside the kitchen. With his friends and family joining the show, you're surely in for an exciting time! Whether you're looking to warm up your stomachs or cool down after a long day of work, Chef Nik will show you how to give your tea an exciting twist!
Secret Culinary Agent, Chef Malcolm Goh and his culinary sidekick, Malaysian radio DJ and host, Tham Zher Peen have partnered up again to do what they do best - to track down and replicate Malaysia's outstanding street food at the one and only BERJAYA University College of Hospitality kitchen! This time, the dynamic duo go one step further, and extend their food search out of Kuala Lumpur! Join the 'beauty and the geek' as they travel the streets of Malaysia searching for pockets of hidden culinary gems. In a never-ending wardrobe of disguises, Chef Malcolm, a man of a thousand faces, will do anything to get his hands on the secret recipes and Zher reluctantly plays along! Once their mission is accomplished, Zher, Chef Malcolm and his trusty students stealthily retreat to the kitchen to reinterpret and recreate their own version of their favourite local dishes.

Lets go undercover and head "Back To The Streets"!
The Asian Food Channel continues the One Night series with its latest AFC Original Production -- One Night in Langkawi -- Sho Naganuma! With BMW Malaysia celebrating the release of their new 7 Series cars at the beautiful Four Season Resorts Langkawi, Chef Sho Naganuma is tasked with cooking up a series of grand dinners for the discerning palates of invited VIPs and special guests. How will Chef Sho fare in the face of this herculean challenge? Cooking for one gala dinner may be a breeze for a climatised chef like Chef Sho, but what about seven dinners in seven days?
The challenges of poverty and a lack of education have always been a prevailing issue faced by disadvantaged youths in Asia. With so few opportunities available to those in need, many children grow up unable to reach their full potential. In this exciting AFC Original Production produced in partnership with Resorts World™ Sentosa, 12 underprivileged youths from six different countries in Asia are offered an opportunity to transform their lives by learning invaluable skills needed in the kitchen. The final winner will be offered a one-year scholarship at the prestigious At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore!

Join Indonesian celebrity chef, Farah Quinn and Executive Chef from Resorts World Sentosa, Alan Orreal as they go on a search to Mongolia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Watch them travel the distance as they visit local charity organizations to find worthy young culinary candidates who exemplify drive, commitment and passion that are needed to excel in the kitchen. It is not easy searching for one shining star, but the result is well worth the effort!

Though the road to success for everyone is paved with hardship and adversity, these youths are willing to face it all with determination. Follow the inspiring and heartwarming journeys of these aspiring chefs as they are whisked away to Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore and put through a series of lessons and challenges with some of the industry's finest chefs and hospitality professionals! The one-year scholarship at At-Sunrice is a prize of a lifetime and a chance to secure a brighter future. With success just within their grasp, which of these youths will get their "Big Break"? We guarantee that this is one programme you won't want to miss!
Celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant started his career at the tender age of 16, initially cleaning dishes in one of the best restaurants in Belgium to pay his way through university. Greatly encouraged by his mentor chef who noticed the natural talent of his young charge, Emmanuel took to his working environment like fish to water, and before long he was on his way to peeling, chopping vegetables and making salads! The journey to hone his culinary skills covered Europe, America, Australia and finally Asia. His flagship restaurant, Saint Pierre, opened in 2000 and two years later he moved to premises with better frontage and more room in the kitchen to facilitate his creative streak.
Do not be fooled by Malaysian chef, Malcolm Goh's mild-mannered demeanor in AFC Original Productions, Great Dinners Of the World and Back To The Streets. His infectious personality, outgoing nature and strong passion for food commands the kitchen. Whether he is cooking up a storm in France and Scotland, bringing his dinner guests the flavours of Asia or visiting local food stalls in the heart of Malaysia before returning to the kitchen to create newly inspired dishes, Chef Malcolm is a true foodie at heart.

Taking the culinary scene by storm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chef Malcolm has won countless awards and competitions to date. In June 2004, he was a National finalist for Chaine Des Rotisseurs Best Commis of Malaysia and was the emerging champion out of eighty-six other young Chefs at Nestle's 3rd Golden Chef Hat Awards. Other accolades include winning the silver medal for Apprentice Live Hot Cooking and Bronze Medal in Apprentice Set Menu (Cold Display) at Culinaire Malaysia 2005.
The Boss is back! Chef Bruce returns to the screens in this 2nd AFC Original Production. Join Chef Bruce as he takes on the streets of Philippines and interacts with the locals! Be enthralled by his take on Western cuisine, infused with a Filipino twist and watch him prepare contemporary dishes that are unique and delicious! Get ready for Chef Bruce as he delights viewers with his witty humour and dominates the kitchen, only on The Boss 2!
Asian cuisine. Great wine. Luxurious travel. If this sounds like music to your ears, then the latest AFC Original Production is the show for you! Four rising stars of the Asian culinary scene find themselves transported to the foreign, but culturally and historically rich Europe. In addition to visiting the most picturesque chateaus, mouth-watering breweries and enchanting castles in France and Scotland, these four culinary maestros will be tossed out of their comfort zones and given the challenge of cooking up and delivering their signature Asian delights to their unsuspecting European guests of honour. Will they shock the foreign taste buds with Asia's exotic and spicy flavours or swiftly win over the hearts and palates of these overseas foodies? Save the date, you would definitely want to sit down for this!
Think that you have what it takes to be AFC's Next Celebrity Chef? So do the contestants on AFC's first exciting original reality series, E&O Search for AFC's Next Celebrity Chef! Hundreds from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia have auditioned, but only a select few possessed the skill, talent and charisma to make it through! Watch as they visit beautiful E&O properties to face cutthroat challenges and grueling obstacles! Will the chosen few make it through another week? Or will celebrity judges, Bruce Lim, Michael Saxon and a mystery guest judge, send them packing!

Who has what it takes to join the ranks of cooking royalty alongside Anna Olson, Chef Wan or Robert Rainford? Watch as bright-eyed hopefuls from all over Asia come together with one goal, to showcase their passion for food and become bona fide AFC kitchen gods and goddesses! At the end, only one will be left victorious! This is one programme you do not want to miss!
Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke all on the rise. We all want to eat healthy but find ourselves confused by contradictory food information. As big businesses battle for our food dollars our health is what suffers. Recent studies suggest saturated fats may not be as bad for us as we have been led to believe. In our low-fat, high-carb, decaffeinated, sugarless, high-fibre world, how to you eat well, live longer and stay healthy? Catch this AFC Original Production and get access to the latest research on the cutting edge.
The Boss is AFC's latest original production that showcases Chef Bruce Lim like never before as he serves up his favourite dishes! Watch him sauté, grill and fry to your heart's content as well as interact with traders at the local markets in Manila. Chef Bruce is not only in control of his kitchen, but is the undisputed authority when it comes to modern Filipino cuisine, leaving the audience with little doubt that he is indeed "The Boss"!
Let legendary chef, Martin Yan take you on a whimsical journey in this new AFC Original Production! Travel to the heart of Singapore and Chef Yan's kitchen, where he cooks up a feast and shows you how to pair delicious wines with his favourite contemporary Chinese dishes! In Chef Yan's first ever Chinese food and wine pairing series, visit the beautiful vineyards of Australia's Barossa Valley with Martin to find out just what goes into making the perfect glass of wine. Learn to enhance your dishes with some great wines with a little know-how from Martin Yan!
Tablescapes is back with another round of scenic gastronomic adventures through the Philippines. From the volcanic landscape of Tagaytay to the bustling streets of the oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu, catch Chef Bruce Lim and the lovely, Angel Aquino as they venture deeper into the hidden islands of the Philippines. Learning more about the delicacies and common ingredients used throughout the country, Chef Bruce takes his newfound knowledge to play to create and recreate delightful recipes while Angel explores the history and culture of each district. Tablescapes is a must see for any foodie traveller!
Asia's favourite chef, Chef Wan is back for a stunning new 10-part series and 3 one-hour specials featuring his favourite Malaysian dishes. Filmed in High Definition, on location at the Asian Food Channel penthouse kitchen, Chef Wan demonstrates his delicious modern Malaysian Classics.

Immerse yourself in over 40 irresistible Asian recipes from the legendary Chili Crab to a fragrant Fresh Water Prawn Rendang. One thing is certain. Best Wan will leave your mouth watering and inspire you to cook special meals in your home kitchen.
As Asia's most celebrated chef, Chef Wan currently holds the role of Malaysia's culinary ambassador and has even been invited to cook for Malaysian royalty! Chef Wan now faces his ultimate challenge – putting together a Malaysian wedding for his own daughter, Serina!

Chef Wan is determined to produce a menu that is heavily influenced by his Malay and Chinese ancestry, but with extensive media coverage of the event and hundred of guests arriving, the pressure is tremendous! From his signature dishes for a gala dinner to finding the best designers and jewellers in Malaysia, Chef Wan will stop at nothing to give his daughter the perfect wedding!
The celebrated King of Grill, Chef Robert Rainford packs his barbeque tools and chef's jacket to embark on an ambitious first-ever tour into the culinary heart of South East Asia. Join Chef Rainford on an inspirational 10-day tour that takes him to the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. With tickets sold out in days to more than a dozen events ranging from shopping mall demos to elegant VIP dinners, expectations are enormous.

Armed with his unique recipes and ample charm, Chef Rainford is set to impress, entertain and thrill his loyal Asian fans with delicious offerings, such as Apple Smoked Pork Belly and Cedar Smoked Fillets of Salmon.

But it's not long before soaring temperatures, poorly stocked kitchens and cultural misunderstandings threaten to turn his mouth-watering creations into charcoal cinders. This tour has the power to make or break Robert Rainford's reputation across Asia.

Will he succeed? Find out here ONLY on the Asian Food Channel.
An exclusive Asian Food Channel original premiere, One Night in Singapore - Daniel Boulud, features renowned French Michelin Chef Daniel Boulud in his first visit to South East Asia. With an established reputation in many of the major cities in the US, including New York and Las Vegas under his belt, Daniel is invited to showcase his culinary flair at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.

A food hub in its own right, Singapore poses a different challenge for Chef Daniel. Putting together a 7-course meal for more than 50 invited guests with a twist; he also has to deal with a total change of climate conditions where the heat would be the ultimate test for his fine French-style dining.
Palm oil. It's a new kind of currency…liquid gold! Palm oil is a lucrative industry that is worth an estimated 17 billion US dollars annually in Malaysia alone. But has the popularity of palm oil grown at a price? What are the costs to the planet and human health for those using palm oil?

While some see it as a strong, renewable economic engine, others only see it as a major cause of deforestation that contributes to the planet's climatic crisis. The story of oil is not a simple one. Amazingly, one in ten products in grocery stores across the world contain some trace of palm oil, be it in food or cosmetics. However, despite its popularity, many people have never heard of palm oil or simply do not know they are using it. A versatile product with uses that range from cooking oil to cosmetics; palm oil has found new popularity as natural solution to the problem of trans-fats, which have been shown to seriously damage human health.