Walnut Chocolate Brownies

Brownies - everybody's favourite! Toasting the walnuts before baking the brownies adds more dimension and flavour. Remember, the longer you bake your brownies, the cakier they become, so bake to your liking!

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Raspberry Lemon Tart

This tart is a classic French Tarte au Citron, finished with fresh raspberries.

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Raspberry Cardamom Cobbler with Chantilly Cream, Raspberry Sauce and Maple Pecans

Bake cobblers in nice coffee cups and finish with chantilly cream, raspberry sauce and maple toasted pecans.

These make a great snack on their own, or are a nice addition over a salad.

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Pecan Scones


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Mascarpone with Cookie Dippers

I like to scent this dipping cream with elderflower cordial, a fragrant concentrate that is usually diluted with water, soda or apple juice for a refreshing drink. Look for it in the water section of your grocery store. If elderflower cordial is unavailable, substitute with blackcurrant cordial or fresh raspberry sauce.

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