April 2014

Lynn Crawford
Chef Lynn Crawford was born in 1964 in Toronto, Canada. When she was young, her father took on a job as a butcher, and it was he who introduced her to the magical world of food and wine.

But it was while studying at George Brown College in Toronto that Chef Lynn discovered her true love for food when cooking for her classmates at home. She was always searching for new and interesting dishes to challenge herself in the kitchen.

Chef Lynn got her first break when she started work at the Four Seasons hotel. She started working at the Nevis and Vancouver branches before finally settling at the Four Seasons hotel in New York. There, she held the role of Executive Sous Chef under renowned Chef Susan Weaver who was the first woman in Canada to hold an Executive Chef position in a hotel chain.

Chef Lynn then moved on to the exciting world of television. Chef Lynn’s most recent project is the third season of her show, ‘Pitchin’ In’ on the Asian Food Channel, where she hits the road, traveling to far-flung locations, visiting the locals that grow and raise ingredients which she will use in preparing delicious dishes!

She has also made many appearances on the hit show, ‘Restaurant Makeover’, playing the role of spunky celebrity chef brought in to revamp and reinvent struggling restaurant menus.

In 2010, Chef Lynn opened her own table d'hôte restaurant called Ruby Watchco in Toronto’s Riverside neighborhood and recently in 2011, Chef Lynn opened Ruby Eats, a specialty grocery store located a few blocks away from Ruby Watchco.


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