Ann Lian

Mother of four and a fantastic cook, Ann is a big influence when it comes to Sherson’s love and passion for cooking. During the global economic crisis in 1997, Sherson’s father’s jewellery business took a plunge due to the lack of demand for jewellery. To support her family, Ann opened a small café along Old Klang Road. This was the start of Sherson’s involvement in the culinary industry, as he learned to prep food and serve guests in the café at only 12 years of age. This humble café, which started out without a kitchen, eventually grew to become very popular among the locals and became a full-fledged chain with multiple restaurants in Kajang and Ampang. It was this humble restaurant that saved the Lian family in times of need, all thanks to Ann’s sweat and hard work!

Besides cooking, Ann also loves to sing and dance, which also tells why all four of her kids are also good at! She even used to sing Chinese operas with her husband when they were helping out at an old folks’ home. Another activity that Ann also enjoys very much is travelling. Yet, she stays true to her thrifty principles, enjoying budget-style travelling best.

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