Catherine Fulvio

Catherine Fulvio is one of Ireland’s top culinary stars. Known for her no-fuss approach to cooking, she has over five award winning cookbooks and three television series under her belt.

Born and raised in Ireland, Catherine grew up watching her parents cook for guests using readily available ingredients from their farm. With cooking deep in her roots, Catherine has always had a firm understanding of cooking with fresh ingredients. Her immense knowledge in food allowed her to be creative with recipes, creating delectable recipes that use seasonal, easily-sourced and quality ingredients.

Catherine is an established food writer and author, with articles published regularly on Ireland’s top selling magazines including RTE Guide and Irish County Magazine. Her passion for cooking and desire to share her knowledge with the world inspired her to start her own cooking school, Ballyknocken House and Cookery School, which was awarded “Cordon D’Or Cookery School of the Year” in 2007. Catherine has also hosted various cooking shows, including Catherine’s Italian Kitchen, Catherine’s Roman Holida and Catherine’ Family Kitchen.

Catherine is currently based in Ireland.

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