Donna Hay

Donna Hay’s penchant for food began at the age of eight, when she stepped into the kitchen and picked up a mixing bowl. Today, she is one of Australia’s most sought after food personalities. In addition to hosting a cooking series, Donna is also a cookbook writer and editor-in-chief of her own food magazine, Donna Hay Magazine.

Donna’s career as a food writer began when she was 19. After years of hard work, she was appointed food editor of Marie Claire at the age of 25. Having years of experience as a food writer and stylist, Donna then moved on to launch her very own food magazine, Donna Hay Magazine, in 2001. The magazine was so well received both locally and internationally, Donna decides to make her first foray into ‘luxe health content’, releasing a special issue magazine called Fresh + Light in 2015. In the special issues, she shared her own take on nutritious recipes that featured superfoods, lighter ingredients and fresh produce.

As a highly acclaimed food writer, Donna also has many award-winning cookbooks under her belt. In 2007, Donna was named one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ cookbook authors at the International Gourmand Awards. Donna’s deep rooted love for food also prompted her to develop a home baking mix range, featuring all-natural ingredients.

Donna currently resides in Sydney, Australia with her children.

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