​Ili Sulaiman

Ili Sulaiman is a girl with a big heart and a big smile. Malaysian-born Ili is of mixed heritage with Chinese and English descendants on her maternal side, and Malay and Indian descendants on her paternal side. Food occupies a very special place in her heart, having been drawn to all things culinary from a very young age. She now strives to make lives better through food – whether by cooking for others or by teaching others how to make tasty dishes.

She was one of the two Food Hero winners in 2015, and has since hosted a series of show shorts on Asian Food Channel, Family Feast with Ili and web series, Home Cooked: Malaysia. Ili is also the host of popular series, By The Sea with Ili, which sees her travelling to coastal cities throughout the region, including Da Nang, Phuket and Terengganu, to taste an array of seafood dishes, and then recreating 2 of these dishes at beautiful locations with her own touch.

In addition to her hosting work, Ili is also the founder of Dish by Ili, a Kuala Lumpur-based food delivery and catering service that provides freshly-cooked meals to homes and offices. Ili and her team create wholesome, nutritious dishes inspired by traditional Malaysian fare, as well as Western favorites that she became acquainted with while studying in London, England. Not only are these delicious meals made from scratch, they are also delivered in old school tiffin carriers to one’s doorstep – comfort food at its best indeed!

Staying true to her aspiration to create a movement of people cooking at home for their family and loved ones, as well as to create a platform for cooks to seek opportunities within the F&B world, she is also the co-founder and co-director of Agak Agak, an institution and social enterprise that allows individuals from underprivileged communities to attain a holistic, practical apprenticeship in F&B and hospitality with hopes that they have a better chance to change their life trajectory.

With Ili’s television work, catering business and social enterprise, Ili is truly a renaissance woman of the food world! She currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and hosts cooking classes, workshops and events that promise great tastes and even greater laughs!

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