Laura Vitale

Internet sensation and cooking show host, Laura Vitale, was born and raised in Italy until she was 12 years of age when she moved to the United States. As a teenager, she developed her love for cooking from her grandmother, learning many of the recipes for classic Italian dishes over the phone.

Laura has no formal education in the culinary arts; instead she merely has a deep-rooted passion for food, which has driven her to single-handedly make a name for herself in the cooking community. Her cooking journey began when she started working in her father’s restaurants in her teens, but after they closed in 2008 – she wanted to find a new way to continue to share her passion for cooking. In 2010, Laura took to the Internet and started her own cooking series Laura in the Kitchen, where she showed people with very little kitchen experience how to whip up delicious meals at home.

Chef Laura has her own television show Simply Laura, where she emphasizes on seasonal and simple all-American dishes! Fans love the remarkable way that Laura can simplify any recipe, making it easy for anyone to cook.

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