Sue Perkins

Having been in the entertainment industry for over two decades, Sue Perkins is one of Britain’s most established actresses and hosts.

Sue made a foray into acting while studying English literature in University of Cambridge, when she joined Footlights Comedy Troupe, a student body dedicated to comedy productions. After graduation, Sue entered the media industry and made her first debut on air in Fist of Fun, a comedy series. To sate her hunger for writing, Sue also took up jobs that calls for writing, and has written numerous materials for different broadcasters, including scripts for popular sitcom, French and Saunders in 1996 and Absolutely Famous in 2003. Following her success as an actress and writer, Sue has also participated in reality show, Maestro, where she was given a platform to showcase her musical talents.

Today, Sue is a successful TV personality and host, having presented numerous popular shows, including The Culture Show, The Big Spell and The Great British Bake Off. She has also established herself as a writer by publishing her own memoir, Spectacles, and a collection of fiction novels. Her authority in the field was recognized when she was invited to be the judge of The Man Booker Prize, a literary prize award, in 2009.

Sue is currently based in Britain.

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