Taste The World With Pascal
Taste The World With Pascal
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    Internationally renowned chef, Pascal Brodnicki, takes viewers on the most outstanding culinary travel experience. Visiting cities across Southeast Asia, including Chiang Mai, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Luag Prabang, Laos, Pascal dives deep into the history, culture, traditions and flavors of the region. From shopping at a local water market, to working knee deep at a rice plantation, to even learning how to cultivate and harvest fresh seaweed, Pascal is all about the hands-on experience and invites everyone to join him on his adventure.

    Pascal Brodnicki

    Hosted By: Pascal Brodnicki

    Dubbed “Polish’s Jamie Oliver”, Pascal is one of Poland’s most renowned celebrity chefs.

    Born in France, Pascal developed a passion for cooking at a young age. After graduating from two gastronomic culinary arts school, Pascal began working at numerous Michelin starred restaurants. Eager to expand his horizons, Pascal moved to Poland where he apprenticed under Kurt Scheller, a Swiss chef and famed food critic. He was then invited to run culinary courses at Kurt Scheller’s culinary school. It was there that he found fame, when a TV producer offered Pascal an opportunity to host a cooking series to teach Polish families new recipes. Instead of promoting healthier choices, Pascal encouraged his viewers to change their menus daily and to vary their palates as he believes that cooking is a form of art, and should be enjoyed and explored. Indeed, his belief set him apart from other chefs.

    Pascal then moved on to hosting other cooking shows, including Pascal Express, Pascal: Just Cook! and most recently, Taste the world with Pascal. Besides his work on air, Pascal has also share his joy in cooking in the form of cookbooks, having published Just Cook!, Just Cook! 2 and Just Me Cook!. In 2010, he launched his personal YouTube channel where he shares recipes videos.

    Pascal currently resides in Poland with his wife.

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