Tropical Gourmet
Tropical Gourmet
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    Follow celebrity chef Justine Schofield as she heads to the magical island of New Caledonia to explore its gastronomic wonders, tropical beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. Steeped in rich history and culture, Justine will explore everything this unique French province has to offer. Packed with fun, adventure and delicious local produce, Justine will swim, ride and hike her way around the island in search of great food. Along the way, she will also take time out to cook up a delicious variety of dishes inspired by the local, tropical and French influences that makes New Caledonia so unique.

    Justine Schofield

    Hosted By: Justine Schofield

    With a French mother and Australian father, Justine has always been passionate about food, in particular French cuisine. Originally working in the sales industry, Justine owns a diploma in Hotel Management. However, knowing that her passion lies elsewhere, Justine worked hard so she could travel every now and then to exotic places to refresh her taste buds and try out different cuisines. Her passion for all things food later led her to participate and emerge as the winner in a high profile cooking reality show. From then on, Justine has become one of Australia’s most celebrated culinary faces known for her knack to create simple and flavorful dishes.

    As a host, Justine has presented Everyday Gourmet and Tropical Gourmet, as well as making appearances on numerous programs as a food commentator. Aside from her work on air, Justine also runs a catering company where she continues to serve up delicious food for her fans. She also regularly posts new recipes on her website,

    Justine is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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