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Catch a brand new exciting season of friendly rivalry as Sarah Benjamin and Nik Michael Imran challenge each other to create the best dish for special family occasions. Sarah and Nik create affordable, delicious dishes for six new families based on their needs, wants and expectations. Which chef will win the hearts and stomachs of these families? Catch Cooking For Love Season 2 to find out.

Sarah Benjamin

Sarah Benjamin

Sarah Benjamin is one of the two winners of the first season of Food Hero. Combined with her outgoing and down-to-earth personality, Sarah’s passion for food is infectious and undeniable. Catch Sarah in Must Try! Asia a travel and eat series that visits Asia’s most popular capitals and Cooking for Love, where Sarah and her co-star, Nik Michael Imran are pitted against each other to create affordable dishes for special family events!

Sarah also hosts her own Asian Food Channel web series called Simply Special which features easy to make home made recipes and GR848 a travel series that features eateries that serve delicious dishes for under USD 8.

Born in Singapore to a British father and a Peranakan-Chinese mother, Sarah grew up helping her parents and grandmother cook at home. One of her fondest childhood memories is assisting her grandmother in making Chinese Hakka dishes like Yam Abacus for Chinese New Year celebrations.

When it was time for university, Sarah moved to Scotland to study sociology and politics at the University of Edinburgh. It was then that Sarah began teaching herself to cook Asian food to satisfy her innate cravings for Asian cuisine. At the same time, she started her own food blog and delved into food styling and photography.

After university, Sarah lived in London, before returning home to Singapore to work as a marketing executive for a restaurant group. She still occasionally hosts corporate functions, but feels the happiest when trying out new foods or cooking at home. Sarah has made it her life’s mission to feed people and make them happy, one belly at a time!

Currently based in Singapore, Sarah enjoys playing the piano and cello when she’s not cooking.

Nik Michael Imran

Nik Michael Imran

Chef Nik is of Australian-Malaysian heritage and is the eldest of six siblings. Born in Selangor, Malaysia, he grew up under the cooking influence of his father, who used to own an Italian restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. This led to him developing an interest in cooking from an early age. At the age of 15, he started picking up cooking skills from his father and supplemented his talents with reading culinary books and websites. The first dish that he learnt to cook from his father was a French dessert, Crepe Suzette.

In 2011, Chef Nik was one of 24 finalists picked out of 500 contestants in the first season of MasterChef Malaysia. The show brought national spotlight to his cooking talent. With a burgeoning cooking career, Chef Nik decided to put his business education on hold and focus on the culinary arts.

From end 2012 to 2016, Chef Nik embarked on a culinary journey with his father, opening comfort food café PickNik in Kuala Lumpur. With an open kitchen design, the restaurant serves up tasty contemporary dishes such as Grilled Lamb Cutlet with Kimchi Chilli Paste and Spaghetti Aglio Olio.

Chef Nik starred in Asian Food Channel original series Tea Twist, in which he created yummy tea-based drinks anytime, anywhere, and Cooking for Love where he and his co-star, Sarah Benjamin are pitted against each other to create affordable dishes for special family events! He is currently hosting Cooking For Love 2, which is slated to premiere on AFC in October 2016.

Chef Nik aspires to write a book on the philosophy of Malaysian ‘kampong’ cooking. He believes that such a publication would help to bring recognition to traditional Malay cuisine as the cuisine and its unique cooking methods have never been documented in such detail before.