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Get cozy with Sherson Lian and his mom, Ann, as they share favorite family moments together and dish up delicious blends of old and new cuisine. While Ann shares some of her favorite traditional recipes, Sherson puts a modern twist on them, incorporating unique contemporary flavors. Pull up a chair and join the dynamic mother son duo in this intimate family affair!

Sherson Lian

Sherson Lian

Malaysian cook Sherson Lian is no stranger to the camera, having starred in several Asian Food Channel programs, including The Amazing Food Challenge: Fun In The Philippines. The talented chef hosts Family Kitchen with Sherson, which follows Sherson as he cooks in the comfort of his own kitchen alongside his mother, with special appearances from his family.

Sherson’s culinary interest stemmed from an early age. When he was 11 years old, he started helping out in his mum’s small café in Kuala Lumpur. Sherson eventually embarked on his own culinary career, working for JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur for three months as a trainee in various kitchens. He then became the manager and owner of a café in Kuala Lumpur named Paradise Café, where he attempted for the first time of running his own F&B outlet. After three years of successful patronage and growth, Sherson sold off the restaurant and moved to Malacca in search for new experiences and challenges.

Television career eventually came knocking to his door, and Sherson has since become a popular culinary figure in Malaysia’s food scene. He served as a guest judge in reality program Dapur Selebrity, as well as the host of Malaysian lifestyle cooking show, 5 Rencah 5 Rasa. Sherson also starred in AFC Original, Great Dinners Of the World, which documents his travels through France and Scotland with three other talented chefs as they serve up delicious dinners for VIP guests.

To add to his plate, Sherson started a culinary venture with fellow chef and best friend, Johnny Fua, whom he first met during the production of Great Dinners of the World. The duo opened Elegantology Gallery and Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur’s creative hot spot that brings together fashion and gastronomy. The pair became the stars of another AFC Original, Reality Bites, which followed Sherson and Johnny’s journey in running the eatery.

Sherson enjoys doing his part for the community, working as a team-building consultant for the Centre for Customer Care Malaysia (CCC) and leadership training camps for foundation students at Help College. Outgoing by nature and filled with a thirst for adventure, Sherson believes in having fun in everything that he does and making the best of every situation, no matter how taxing the experience is.

In his spare time, Sherson enjoys traveling around the world and diving; he currently is licensed for advanced open water diving. Music is also a large part of Sherson’s life – he was the lead singer for six-piece band Cross Fusion, which played a mix of jazz, blues, pop and fusion music.

Ann Lian

Ann Lian

Mother of four and a fantastic cook, Ann is a big influence when it comes to Sherson’s love and passion for cooking. During the global economic crisis in 1997, Sherson’s father’s jewellery business took a plunge due to the lack of demand for jewellery. To support her family, Ann opened a small café along Old Klang Road. This was the start of Sherson’s involvement in the culinary industry, as he learned to prep food and serve guests in the café at only 12 years of age. This humble café, which started out without a kitchen, eventually grew to become very popular among the locals and became a full-fledged chain with multiple restaurants in Kajang and Ampang. It was this humble restaurant that saved the Lian family in times of need, all thanks to Ann’s sweat and hard work!

Besides cooking, Ann also loves to sing and dance, which also tells why all four of her kids are also good at! She even used to sing Chinese operas with her husband when they were helping out at an old folks’ home. Another activity that Ann also enjoys very much is travelling. Yet, she stays true to her thrifty principles, enjoying budget-style travelling best.