Tortang Mamon


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Back to the Streets: Jakarta

Join chefs Will Meyrick and Rinrin Marinka as they uncover the best street-side fares in the Indonesian capital! From delightful Indonesian meatballs to the ever-popular fried rice, these colorful dishes will serve as the two chefs’ inspirations back in the kitchen as they dish up their creative renditions of these popular Indonesian bites!

The Amazing Food Challenge 2

10 individuals from all over Asia get a chance of a lifetime to travel across the Philippines and compete for USD50,000 worth of prizes! Waiting for them are a series of tough physical and culinary challenges – from paddling through action-packed water adventures to dishing up unfamiliar regional Filipino cuisines! Who will rise up to the challenge and become this season’s winner of The Amazing Food Challenge?

Heritage Food Makeover

Cavin Soh explores the delectable cuisine of four Chinese dialect groups in Singapore. From the traditional Hokkien Braised Trotter Rice Noodles to the modern spin of Cantonese Scallop Dumplings, Cavin sets to discover the origins of these heritage dishes alongside popular local chefs and learn to create these dishes with modern twists!

Food Truck

The crunch of salty french-fries and the lingering smell of juicy hamburgers tempts all of us to indulge in calorie-filled meals once in a while! While fast food may be cheap, convenient and delicious, we can’t deny that it is also a major contributing factor to our world’s rapidly increasing waistlines! With obesity numbers going through the roof, how can Chef Michael Van De Elzen help to battle the bulge?

Best in the World 3

Follow Razif Hashim as he guides you through Asia’s bona fide food haven, Malaysia! From traditional dessertcarts to noodle stalls, Razif not only soaks up the aromatic street flavors, but also interacts with creators of Malaysia’s most-beloved street dishes. Nothing but the best food will satisfy this ever-hungry host!