April 2014

Original Sisig From Aling Lucing

Show: Tablescapes 1   Chef: Bruce Lim   Category: Sauce

Ease of Cooking: Moderate  


1/2 kilo Pig ears
3 ea Garlic (Chopped)
1 ea Onions (Chopped)
5 ea Juice of Calamansi
3 tblsp Margarine
3 ea Chili Labuyo
3 tblsp Chicken liver (boiled and mashed)
To Taste Salt and Pepper


Pre boil your pig ears (be sure that there is some face meat still remaining on the ears so that there will be meat to eat) in salted water. Skewer with 2 skewers and grill for 5 mins per side be sure to move around and check for char marks. Once it is charred chop up ear into small pieces mix with garlic, onions, calamansi juice, liver pate, salt and pepper. On a hot plate add margarine let melt for 2 seconds add your Sisig mixture and stir for 10 seconds top with chili and 1 whole calamansi. Serve with rice.

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