Cheesecake Pops

Great for an hors d'oeuvre party, these 2-bite lollipops are made with New York cheesecake and are then dipped into melted chocolate and decorated. You can get creative with the presentation - standing the "pops" upright in a long vase filled with coloured sugar looks like an edible bouquet.
Makes about 24 pops.

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Charlotte Royale

This classic molded dessert uses slices of raspberry jell roll cake to line a mold or even a glass bowl that is then filled with a silky vanilla Bavarian Custard.

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Flourless Black Forest Roulade

This flourless dessert has also the textbook flavours of a Black Forest Torte: chocolate cake, whipped cream and kirsch soaked cherries.
Makes 1 10-inch dessert.

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Tart Lemon Roulade

A simple and rich lemon mascarpone mousse fills this pretty, heart-shaped roulade.
Makes 1 10-inch roulade. Serves 10.

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Mini Croissants

Makes 12 minis of each.

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Makes about 24 crullers

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