Fresh Off Japan!

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Fresh Off Japan! takes you on a visually stunning tour sampling some of Singapore’s freshest ingredients from Japan! Each week, Sarah Benjamin uncovers behind-the-scenes details on classic Japanese food; from being part of a traditional home cooked dinner party, to meeting with modern chefs who marry international flavors and techniques with Japanese cuisine. This culinary exploration will give viewers an exclusive peak into Japan’s most delicious meats, seafood and produce and how they have evolved over time in Singapore.

Sarah Benjamin

Sarah Benjamin

Sarah Benjamin is one of the two winners of the first season of Food Hero. Combined with her outgoing and down-to-earth personality, Sarah’s passion for food is infectious and undeniable. Catch Sarah in Must Try! Asia a travel and eat series that visits Asia’s most popular capitals and Cooking for Love , where Sarah and her co-star, Nik Michael Imran are pitted against each other to create affordable dishes for special family events! Sarah also hosts her own Asian Food Channel web series called Simply Special which features… more

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