Korean Food Made Simple


Judy Joo shows us simple yet spectacular Korean inspired dishes from her very own home kitchen, proving it can be fun and easy to cook Korean food at home! Inspired by regular trips back to Korea, she shares her passion for traditional and modern dishes; serving tasty, quick and unique recipes. With a few easily sourced ingredients, Judy will whip up dishes like Gochujang Glazed Slamon, Doenjang Glzed Eggplants and Korean Coffee Brownies.

Judy Joo

Judy Joo

French trained Korean-American Londoner, Judy Joo’s culinary expertise spans the globe. As Chef Patron of Jinjuu Restaurant (London and Hong Kong), she draws from her unique personal and professional experiences, melding tastes from Asia, America and Europe in her recipes. Ushering the robust flavors of her native Korean cuisine into home kitchens, Judy serves as host of Cooking Channel’s Korean Food Made Simple , premiering season two in May 2016. Aiming to make Korean food even more accessible to the home cook, she will… more

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