Sachie's Kitchen


International author, TV personality and owner of the largest and most award-winning cooking schools in Australasia, Sachie Nomura, dives into a culinary adventure across Japan. The exciting new series celebrates Japanese cuisine and inspires viewers with simple-to-make and authentic recipes. Sachie’s Kitchen combines fresh produce, travel adventures, unique flavors and visits to one-of-a-kind restaurants.

Sachie Nomura

Sachie Nomura

Born in Hekinan City, Japan, Sachie Nomura grew up in an area surrounded by vegetable and rice fields. When she was 7, her mother called her into the kitchen and taught her how to make dumplings. Since her parents are both full-time working adults, Sachie began to help out in the kitchen by preparing ingredients so that her mother can cook them after work. During her time in the kitchen, Sachie observed how food was prepared and slowly picked up cooking skills. At 17, Sachie decided to move to New Zealand in the bid to further her… more

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