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Everyone dreams of their perfect job – but getting a job may be more challenging for some compared to others. Michelin starred chef Michel Roux has spent years working with organizations helping young people get work, and believes that talent can come from the most unusual places. His latest 8 trainees, present a unique set of challenges, they have disabilities ranging from Tourette’s to blindness, and have struggled to find work. Embarking on an intensive catering course that’s been running for the past 6 years, they’ll be thrown in the deep end over 4 weeks, They live together, train together and work together.

Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux Jr. is a French-English two-star Michelin chef based in London. Born on 23 May 1960, Roux has over four decades’ worth of culinary experience. After leaving school at age 16, Roux undertook apprenticeship work with Master Patissier, Hellegouarche in Paris. From summer 1979 until January 1980, he worked as a commis de cuisine at Le Gavroche , for both his father and his uncle. He then spent two years as a commis de cuisine trainee for Alain Chapel at his hotel and restaurant in Mionnay, in the Rhône-Alpes region near Lyon.… more

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