• Episode 1 - The Search

    Chef Alan Orreal, Executive Chef of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and Celebrity Chef Farah Quinn, set off to six countries around Asia in search of young, aspiring chefs. Their search brings them to the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Mongolia, Singapore and Malaysia, where they meet underprivileged... more >>

  • Episode 2 - Maritime Experie...

    In this episode, 11 hopeful contestants visit Resorts World Sentosa for the first time and are whisked off to the Maritime Experiential Museum. Amidst their fascination with the museum, the students are introduced to their first culinary tutorial and challenge. Under the sweltering heat and intense pressure of a first challenge... more >>

  • Episode 3 - Hollywood & The...

    Visiting Universal Studios Singapore for the first time this week, our contestants receive a warm welcome from the park's resident stars before being challenged with creating their own gourmet burger. In the face of misunderstandings and language issues, will our contestants display the confidence and cool... more >>

  • Episode 4 - Malaysian Food...

    This week begins with our contestants hunting for ingredients at a local wet market. Located in unfamiliar surroundings amongst a sea of ingredients, will the contestants be able to navigate their way through the hustle and bustle of a local market? Then, it is off to the Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa... more >>

  • Episode 5 - Pastry

    This episode sees our remaining 9 contestants at the Sky Bar at Resorts World Sentosa, faced with a dessert challenge. Requiring nimble fingers and some creative flair, this sweet challenge forces the students to struggle to stay on top of their game. With pressure boiling over, now will the students stay composed... more >>

  • Episode 6 - Egyptian

    The remaining contestants return to Universal Studios Singapore for their first ever twilight challenge at the Ancient Egypt zone! As the mystical Egyptian statues surround the wide-eyed contestants, they have to cook up three typical Egyptian dishes - Hummus, Falafel and Tabbouleh, all put together in a wrap... more >>

  • Episode 7 - Go Green!

    Bloop, blub, splash! The contestants are treated to an once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Marine Life Park, located right in the heart of Resorts World Sentosa. They marvel and swim amongst the myriad of marine animals before them and learn about good fishing practices and sustainability before diving into their most... more >>

  • Episode 8 - The Corporate Pa...

    This week, the hopefuls continue their journey on The Big Break at Unilever Food Solutions Asia! Judges Chef Alan and Chef Farah, along with Unilever Food Solution Chef, Yen Koh surprise the contestants with a team challenge that takes place at a very unexpected venue. Which team will be able to shine through and keep their VIP... more >>

  • Episode 9 - Italian

    Having just survived a grueling challenge, the remaining contestants are back at Resorts World Sentosa for the ultimate Italiano experience! The contestants’ multi-tasking skills are put to the test, as they are required to knead, assemble and bake their own pizzas. With only one pizza oven available, disaster strikes as... more >>

  • Episode 10 - Molecular Gas...

    The students travel into the future and arrive at Sci-Fi City in Universal Studios Singapore. With Bumblebee and Optimus Prime looming over them, the contestants receive a pleasant surprise from the judges. But their joys are short lived when they discover they have to complete a molecular cuisine challenge! And this type of... more >>

  • Episode 11 - Oriental

    Not knowing what to expect, the eager contestants arrive at Forest Restaurant in Resorts World Sentosa, helmed by award winning Chef Sam Leong, for this week’s challenge. As the judges announce this week’s theme – Modern Oriental, they also share a piece of exciting news. The winner of this week’s challenge will be... more >>

  • Episode 12 - The Grand Finale

    Last week’s episode saw one contestant given the unprecedented advantage of moving straight into the finale, now the stakes and stress levels are at boiling point for the remaining two contestants as they go head to head for their last chance to make it into the final round! In this challenge, famed French Michelin Chef Joel... more >>

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8 & 9 Wed, 26 Mar 06:30 am
8 & 9 Wed, 26 Mar 02:00 pm
10 & 11 Wed, 09 Apr 05:00 am
10 & 11 Wed, 09 Apr 06:30 am
10 & 11 Wed, 09 Apr 02:00 pm
Finale Ep Wed, 23 Apr 05:00 am
Finale Ep Wed, 23 Apr 06:30 am
Finale Ep Wed, 23 Apr 02:00 pm
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