April 2014

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True Passion - Martin Yan

a story about chinese food and wine

Discover Chef Martin Yan's true passion as he cooks up his favourite contemporary Chinese dishes!

Catch the legendary chef in in this exciting and new AFC Original Production of Chef Yan's first-ever Chinese food and wine-pairing series. This delicious production is a 7-part series with an exclusive one-hour Chinese New Year special that is guaranteed to blow you away!

Of course, while knowing exactly which ingredients are the best to use when cooking Chinese dishes, finding out just what goes into making that perfect glass of wine is also important to Chef Yan. Join him as he travels to the beautiful vineyards of Barossa Valley, Australia, where Chef Yan learns about the astounding process that goes into making an award-winning bottle of wine!

Watch and learn as he whips up a storm in the heart of Singapore and his studio kitchen and spoil yourself with irresistible wine-pairings that will be a delightful experience for your taste buds.

Be sure to visit this site regularly for the latest recipes and wine-pairing suggestions from each episode of True Passion – Martin Yan!

With the freshest ingredients, finest wine and mouthwatering recipes, this is one show you won't want to miss!


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