Chuck's Day Off
Chuck's Day Off
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    What does the owner and head chef of Montreal's hottest restaurant do on his only day off every week? If you're Chuck Hughes, you cook. Chuck serves up rustic dishes for his family, friends and business partners, or in his own words, "all the people that make this restaurant a success." A passionate cook and rising star in the Canadian food scene, Chuck opened his first restaurant, Garde-Manger, in the heart of Old Montreal in 2006. It soon became his playground - a vintage crab-shack-cum-underground club where he could put his magical spin on comfort food and indulge his fantasy of creating decadent meals served up to his favorite rocking soundtracks. From making hangover cures for his friends to conducting "research" on what his female customers want in a meal, Chuck's Day Off has it all.

    Chuck Hughes

    Hosted By: Chuck Hughes

    Chuck Hughes has one true love - food. Having insisted on being enrolled in cooking classes at the tender age of 8, it was clear he was crazy about the kitchen. Recognizing his passion and talent, his mother Francine supported him from the time he was 8 to 15 years later when he decided to ditch his successful career in advertising and turn his affair with food into a full-time relationship.

    Chuck graduated from the Institut de tourism et d’hôtellerie du Québec. He quickly started working in some of Montreal’s hottest kitchens and following stints at Globe, Tapeo and Time Supper Club, where having studied under reputable chefs, Chuck realized that it was time for the next step.

    In 2006, Chuck and his two best friends, Tim Rozon and Kyle Marshall, opened their own place, Garde-Manger. Set in a 125 year-old stone house in the heart of Old Montreal, it became Chuck’s playground; a vintage crab-shack cum underground club where he could put his magical spin on comfort food, and indulge in his fantasy of creating decadent meals served up to his favorite rocking soundtracks. The den-like restaurant quickly developed a dedicated following, and to this day, is as unique as its chef. The New York Times were “impressed that a place as rollicking as Garde Manger chooses to pay such close attention to what’s coming out of the kitchen."

    His food philosophy revolves around simple, well-made food instead of fussy pretentious haute couture cuisine. With an unwavering respect for Mother Nature’s finest, his pledge is to let quality ingredients speak for themselves.His love for real food coupled with his firm belief in buying and cooking local, made Chuck the ideal spokesperson for Hellman’s Real Food campaign.

    In 2009, Chuck invites the world into Garde-Manger’s kitchen with the premiere of "Chuck’s Day Off", his first original television series. Chuck lives in Montreal, Canada and likes to escape to the nearby picturesque town of Magog with his dog Fakey whenever he can.

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