Good Chef Bad Chef
Good Chef Bad Chef
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    Chef Adrian Richardson and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin are bringing their distinctive styles of cooking to the screen for a food showdown. Be enticed by Chef Adrian’s delicious yet sinful dishes, or live healthy with Zoe’s heart-friendly creations. Whichever side you choose to align yourself with, you can be sure that both will delight and tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy the series’ good balance of health, indulgence and wit.

    Adrian Richardson

    Hosted By: Adrian Richardson

    Chef Adrian Richardson is the owner and head chef of the successful and bustling La Luna, one of Melbourne’s best Mediterranean bistros in North Carlton, where he has been serving up clean, fresh and innovative food since 1999.

    With a simple food philosophy known as “modern Mediterranean”, Chef Richardson uses the freshest ingredients and keeps it simple. His passion for food extends to his commitment to freshness by ripening his own avocados and tomatoes, making his own pasta daily, aging the beef on the bone and even using mushrooms that have only been picked hours before arriving at his restaurant!

    Chef Richardson’s passion for cooking and belief in “homemade and home-grown” is attributed to his upbringing from his family. His father was trained as a chef in England and France, and ran the Balzac, a legendary restaurant in East Melbourne. Similarly, his uncles were also chefs. He grew up eating Italian-Middle Eastern-North African cuisine dished up in an Italian household in Melbourne, with vegetables and fruits growing in the garden.

    Chef Richardson had his first cooking stint when he was 14 years old, working in cafes and bistros to upkeep his flying lessons (Chef Richardson is now a licensed pilot). He spent time training at the Victoria Arts Centre, Le Restaurant at The Regent Hotel under Dietmar Sawyer, Liam Tomlin and Russell Armstrong. He also worked at the O’Connell’s Hotel in Australia with Greg Malouf and Antony Worrall-Thompson in the United Kingdom. However, it was under the watchful eye of Michael Bacash at Toofey’s where Chef Richardson rounded off his experience and set upon his current course to open his own restaurant.

    A regular face on television, Chef Richardson has appeared alongside Tobie Puttock and Jamie Oliver in Jamie’s Kitchen Australia. He is also one of the team of regular chefs on Ready Steady Cook, Fresh, Switching Lives and Good Morning Australia.

    The Asian Food Channel currently airs Chef Richardson’s hit television programme, Secret Meat Business, a programme dedicated to all things meat and Good Chef Bad Chef, which sees him playing the devil next to co-host Janella Purcell, a nutritionist.

    In 2011 Chef Richardson took a tour of Asia named, The Perfect Cut with Adrian Richardson, which was organized by the Asian Food Channel and American Express. During this exclusive tour, he cooked up tantalizing dishes and performed in a series of demonstrations and dinners.

    Chef Richardson also has two cookbooks under his publishing belt, Meat and The Good Life, both of which are paeans to the virtues and benefits of knowing where your food comes from, as well as home cooking.

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