Spice of Life
Spice of Life
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    Join Indonesian top chefs and good friends, Arimbi Nimpuno and Sandra Djohan, as they dish up delectable dishes for various occasions. Not only are these dishes easy to cook, they are also visually arresting! In addition, get a glimpse of behind the scenes drama between the show’s producer and director. What does it take to pull off a successful cooking show? With its wholesome balance of drama, passion and healthy ingredients, this show is bound to spice up your life!

    Arimbi Nimpuno

    Hosted By: Arimbi Nimpuno

    Arimbi Nimpuno is an Indonesian chef who strongly believes in fun, simple and healthy cooking. Join her and fellow Indonesian chef, Sandra Djohan, as they serve up delectable dishes for all occasions in Spice of Life, only on Asian Food Channel!

    Arimbi’s passion for food started from a young age, when she spent time at the kitchen observing the family cook. In the latter part of childhood, she and her family moved to Vienna, Austria. The move gave her the opportunity to visit restaurants regularly and take cooking classes during school holidays.

    Her culinary interest took a backseat when she decided to pursue art in university. She would go on to obtain art degrees in the U.K and U.S.A. Upon her return to Indonesia, however, her struggle in fostering a career in the arts scene eventually reignited her passion for cooking. In addition to running cooking classes, Arimbi now regularly writes articles on food and lifestyle for various magazines. In 2011, Arimbi started chef group Tree Food Concept with two emerging Indonesian chefs, Yuda Bustara and Putri Miranti, to deliver a unique private dining experience.

    Since 2005, Arimbi has been volunteering at the Indonesian Heart Foundation. She spearheads fundraising efforts to support open-heart surgeries for children. Arimbi currently lives in Jakarta with her husband and four children.

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