27 Simple Recipes for Mother’s Day

Pick from 27 simple recipes and make Mother’s Day very special. We’ve got Highly Recommended Ones – like a lovely masala chai and rose cheesecake, warm tomato baked eggs, and juicy sweet fish. They’re grouped in breakfast, dinner and cake because mothers do all that and more. If you can make breakfast, do dinner and the dishes, and bake a cake for all the birthdays she’s fussed over – well, we think she’ll agree that it’s a pretty perfect Mother’s Day.

Make Cake, for all your birthdays she fussed about

1. Cinnamon Pineapple Butter Cake 


For all your birthdays she’s fussed about, it’s your turn to make a cake for mom. And don’t worry, it’s easy - slice fresh or canned pineapples, get cinnamon sticks, and bake into a sweet butter cake. For a special surprise, flip it upside down when mom comes to reveal a crown of bright yellow pineapples, and watch her smile.

2. Masala Chai and Rose Cheesecake


What’s cooking for Mother’s Day? Not the plain cheesecake for sure, because we’ve spiced it up with strong masala chai and light rose water. The taste is a magical brew of black tea and seeping floral rose. Cut a slice and make it part of an afternoon of long conversations and laughs.


More great cakes:

3. Banana Chocolate Lava Cakelets – That’s banana and melted chocolate in small butter cakes  

4. Matcha Chiffon Cake – Fluffy aromatic chiffon made better with rich green tea powder

5. Cookies and Cream  - The classic oreo and sweet cream cake that pleases all, even your mother

6. Coffee Cheesecake Pots – A jar of coffee dipped sponge cakes topped with sweet cream cheese and chocolate biscuit crumbs

7. Apple Cinnamon Cakelets – Sliced red apple baked on moist almond cinnamon cakes

8. Thai Tea Cake – Strong brewed black tea with a smooth vanilla taste


Make Breakfast, for all breakfast (and beds) she’s made for you

9. Tomato and Herbs Baked Eggs  


How many breakfasts has she made for you? Well, here’s one you can do for mom. Crack some eggs and drop them into a warm pan of chunky tomatoes and herbs. Use garam masala, cumin and onions for a deeply flavoured morning. But, think of what flavours mom likes and use them too. The best way to eat it? Butter a slice of bread or two, dip and wipe.

10. You Tiao (and soy milk)


Save mom an early morning trip to the market with some you tiao, or the deep-fried chewy dough stick that you both love. It’s actually easy to make - roll up a savoury batter and let hot oil tickle it all over. While that’s going on, make mom’s favourite morning drink. But the traditional soy milk is still your best bet, so warm up a bowl, dunk, soak and bite. Good morning!

More great breakfasts:

11. Banana Bread – Extraordinary bread for special days - mashed bananas, milk and warm butterscotch sauce.

12. Banana Coconut French Toast – Coconut and bananas on gently fried buttered bread

13. Fresh Prawn Omelette and Herb Salad – Eggs, prawns and great greens in a healthy breakfast


Make Dinner (and do the dishes), so she can relax this time

14. Baked Snapper with Sweet Butter Soy


All you need is love, and a fish. Impress the mom, (or mom-in-law) with a deliciously baked snapper. You’ll need a whole fish - snapper, preferably, some garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and a touch of Martin Yan magic. But that’s easy, because he’ll teach you how to do it – just click here.

15. Pineapple Fried Rice


This one’s a solid staple for Mother’s Day. Besides the great looks, it’s real easy to put together. After you get over cutting up the pineapple (which isn’t THAT hard), everything else you throw into the pan and quickly stir the spoon. We mean the cashews, raisins, rice, prawns and peas (that’s optional of course). Do this right, and you’ll earn mom’s praise for the night.

16. Ginger Beef Noodles


Let her come home to the familiar smell of ginger, sizzling in a pan. Then add to it tender beef slices, because they go so well together. Tip the pan into a bowl of deeply flavourful egg noodles and let all the hot oils drip in. Don’t forget a side of fresh ginger slices on the side, because you know mom loves her condiments.

17. Lemongrass Steamed Chicken  


Bash up sticks of lemongrass and insert into a whole chicken. Rub spring onions over its skin for extra flavour and let it steam. When it comes to dinner, pull out the drumstick for mom, because it’s her turn to get the best piece of chicken.

18. Wonton and Shallots Soup


It’s easy to make wanton on your own- spoon up minced meat and fold over with store-bought wanton skin. Then drop gently into a pot of hot shallot soup and watch it bubble. Spoon out a bowl for mom, and wait for her to ask, “Did you make this by yourself?” And if she doesn’t, tell her how you did it and why you did it (hint: it’s got something to do with love).

More great dinners:

19. Fresh Prawns and Black Fungus Steamed Egg – A simple steamed egg with prawns and soft black fungus

20. Tofu and Mushroom Spicy Seafood Soup – Hot savoury soup with fried clams, prawns and tofu

21. Long Beans and Prawn Omelette – Another egg dish with crunchy long beans and prawns

22. Chicken Korma – Chicken in a gravy of rich, spicy Indian flavours

23. Honey Sesame Soy Tofu Cubes – Bite-sized tofu cubes in a delicious honey sesame drizzle

24. Pork and Cabbage Dumplings Soup – Chunky dumplings stuffed with pork and cabbage

25. Tahu Goreng – Deep-fried tofu cubes with spicy peanut sauce

26. Cripsy Tofu with Bok Choy – Soft leafy vegetables with a crisp tofu bite

27. Herby Sliced Fish and Preserved Vegetable Soup  - Soft white fish in a salty slurpy vegetable boil

What are you making this Mother’s Day?

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