3 Christmas Snacks Even Your 5-Year-Old Can Make

Brighten up your holiday gatherings with these cute Christmas snacks!


Holidays are all about fun and spending quality time with your family. Here are 3 simple Christmas recipes that you can get anyone, including your 5 year old to do in less than 10 minutes! It’s great for family gatherings and sure to impress the kids at a Christmas party! So gather the whole gang and get creative in the kitchen with these easy to make Christmas snacks.

Kiwi-stmas Tree

kiwi slices in shape of tree

Build a Christmas tree right in your own kitchen. All you need are some juicy kiwis and strawberries. Peel the kiwis and slice them up before assembling and stacking them into the shape of a Christmas tree. Use the kiwi skin as the base of the tree and sprinkle small strawberry chunks to add a pop of colour.

We had so much fun creating this because it required so little effort and the kids were squealing in excitement when the tree started to form! Because it turned out so pretty, the kids couldn’t wait to get their daily dose of vitamins by reaching out for all the kiwis and strawberries.

For all the moms out there, you should definitely try this at home!

Reindeer Cupcakes

reindeer cupcakes

These reindeer cupcakes will really get you in the festive mood!

Bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and you’re all set to decorate. Pretzels make the perfect antlers and button-shaped chocolate candy (i.e. M&Ms) is best used for the nose. To complete the look, use edible googly eyes, which you can find easily at the baking section in most supermarkets and stores. If you can’t find those, fret not! Simply cut a small marshmallow into half and place a mini chocolate chip on each marshmallow and you’re all set!

What we really loved about this recipe is how you could customize each face to get all sorts of funny expressions! Let the kids go crazy choosing different colored noses and stealing bites from pretzels to make the antlers. Such a joy to see them laughing and smiling away while having fun at it!

Serve these cute desserts at your Christmas party and trust us, they’ll be gone in seconds!

Santa Banana

santa banana on sticks

You’ve heard of Santa Claus, now meet Santa Banana!

Make a whole family of them using bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate candy and chocolate sprinkles. Cut the bananas into different lengths, marshmallows into bite sizes and remove the strawberries top. Assemble them using a skewer and get creative with their facial expressions by playing around with the positions and sizes of the chocolate sprinkles.

The kids really loved this one because they could create them their own family members with this recipe! It’s like creating SIMS in real life and guaranteed to have a ball of time in the kitchen while bringing the family closer together.

With these Santa Bananas under your roof, you and your family are guaranteed to have a very Merry Christmas!

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