6 Sweeter Than Sweet East Asian Treats

A delicious selection of Korean, Chinese and Japanese desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Soft griddled dough with a sweet filling, this Korean pancake is a hit on the streets! With this recipe, you can make your own at home. Hotteok power!

Did you know that bird's nest helps to boost your immune system? So other than being an absolute treat, this fruity Chinese dessert is loaded with health benefits.

Fun to make and even more fun to eat, 30 minutes is all you need to make these tasty chewy balls filled with red bean paste.

Enjoy this light, fluffy and moist sponge cake with a matcha twist!

A refreshing mix of flavors in one delicious pudding. I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Replace your daily americano with a dose of these sticky fudgy brownies. Guaranteed to get you through the day.