7 Malaysian-Inspired Dishes That'll Persuade You to Visit Malaysia

The dishes that inspire these recipes are popular among the locals and tourists alike! Will you travel for food?

Fragrant coconut infused steamed rice paired with spicy sambal! Explosion of flavours in every mouthful!

Note: The key to a good claypot rice is the rice crust around the claypot!

A quick and easy dish that's spicy, tangy and flavorful!

Comfort food for the soul!

Spicy curried noodles that's filled with a variety of ingredients and packs a punch!

Fun fact: Malaysia's version of Hokkien Mee uses the thicker noodles and has a darker sauce as compared to the Singapore version which is lighter!

A simple Malay styled fried rice! Serve it with a fried egg on top or with chili sauce to add more kick!