8 Baked Goodies from Anna Olson

Take your baking skills to the next level with these simple to sensational recipes by renowned pastry chef Anna Olson.

These teardrop-shaped, jam filled cookies are perfect for parties. Switch up the jam flavours for colour variations.

Make these light and  airy cookies with just 5 simple ingredients! Top it off with melted chocolate for the perfect snack.

Traditionally, this treat was only served during special occasions but you can now eat them all day, every day!

Use leftover cinnamon buns and turn them into french toast! Top it off with ice cream and maple syrup for the dream breakfast combo.

Make these healthy homemade granola bars at home and eat them on the go for the extra energy boost.

Have fun making different shapes and top them off with lemon curd and fresh fruits for a yummy afternoon treat.

Best served warm on the day it was baked, you can eat it on its own or pair it with any fried chicken recipe.

Spices aren't just for savory dishes. Traditional spices and black pepper give an additional oomph the moment you bite into it.