8 Creative Ways to Use a Blender

Take your blender out of the cabinet because we’re sharing with you what else it can do apart from making smoothies!


Give your blender a run for its money. Many of you only use your blenders occasionally when preparing a healthy homemade smoothie for breakfast or nice frozen margaritas for a party. In actual fact, a blender can be put to better use!

In this article, we’ll show you 8 creative ways to reignite the love for your blender and give that forgotten kitchen equipment some tender loving care.


Struggling to get the perfect consistency for your pancake batter? Mixing the ingredients with a blender will ensure that the batter is well mixed and lump-free. The pitcher will also become a handy tool to pour out the batter instead of using a ladle and creating a mess in the kitchen! Top off your stack of pancakes with a fruit compote by mixing your favorite fruits and icing sugar into the blender! Relax your hands and let your blender do the job for you.

Nut Milk/Butter

tn-article-8-Creative-Ways-to-Use-a-Blender-Almond-Milk.jpgYou don’t need to spend a bomb on artisanal nut milk and butter. It’s actually really easy to DIY with a blender using minimal ingredients! To make your own nut milk, soak your favorite nuts overnight before blending. Drain the nuts and grind them in a blender with fresh water. After straining it, you’ll get fresh, silky and subtly sweet nut milk. As for nut butter, grind your chosen roasted nuts and add a little salt to a smooth butter. Drizzle some oil to loosen the consistency if required. You can add other ingredients or flavorings to enhance the butter if you like (honey, chocolate, etc.).

Salad Dressing

Homemade salad dressings are healthier and tastier than store-bought ones! Pulverize herbs, garlics, spices and/or other ingredients and then puree until smooth to get a nice creamy salad dressing. Or if you want some vinaigrette, you can emulsify olive oil and balsamic vinegar using a blender as well!

Whipped Cream

We know that whipping up cream can be a tedious job. That’s when the blender becomes a real life saver! Simply pour whipping cream into the blender and blend for a couple seconds until it achieves a thick consistency. Feel free to add in some honey, or vanilla extract to enhance the taste of the whipped cream!


tn-article-8-Creative-Ways-to-Use-a-Blender-Salsa.jpgMake this condiment in minutes with a blender! Add in canned tomatoes with cilantro, onions, garlic, lime juice, jalapenos (depending on your preference for spiciness) and salt to taste, then blend it all up. If you prefer your salsa chunky, pulse it a couple of times, otherwise blend till it’s smooth. Taste the salsa and tweak the seasonings if necessary. Serve it immediately with chips or refrigerate it to let the flavors combine and mellow.


If you like your soups silky and smooth, a blender will do the trick. Simply toss in the ingredients (mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, etc.) you want in your soup straight into the blender and start blending!

Some blenders can heat up your soup while blending it at the same time? How convenient is that!


tn-article-8-Creative-Ways-to-Use-a-Blender-Sauces.jpgPasta sauce, hollandaise sauce, you name it! These can be prepared with a blender! For a tomato based pasta sauce, put tomatoes into the blender with some salt and herbs like oregano or basil and blend till you get the perfect tomato-based pasta sauce . For a tasty pesto sauce, blend together basil, garlic, salt, cheese and olive oil, and use it as a spread on bread, as a pasta sauce, salad dressing and more. Lastly, prepare your own weekend eggs benedict brunch by mixing egg yolk and lemon juice into the blender and whipping the mixture. Slowly add cooled melted butter and let the ingredients emulsify to create that perfect hollandaise sauce! The possibilities are endless.


Who knew you could use your blender to complete the food eco-system. Break down all your food waste, toss them into your blender and blend everything together! Add it to the soil in your garden and it will help them grow better! Imagine growing all the herbs and vegetables by using the compost, which can be blended again for your consumption! Definitely worth the effort!

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