8 Seafood Salads That Are Perfect For A See Food Eat Food Diet

Take your salad game to the next level by incorporating delicious seafood flavors!

Pomelo gives this tasty Thai mackerel salad the extra burst of flavor to get you through the day.

Perfect for parties, serve in a Chinese soup spoon for that added wow factor!

Smoked salmon, avocados and citrus offer a combination of flavors that treats  the senses. This vibrant salad is guaranteed to fill you up.

Whip up this tuna-rrific recipe in 5 easy steps!

This crab salad has got buns, hun. So you definitely won't regret wanting this version of the classic seafood dish.

Love calamari? 20 minutes is all it takes to satisfy your calamari cravings with this refreshing recipe.

Get your grill on and enjoy the fresh flavors of the sea with this simply delicious seafood salad.

Rich in fiber and high in iron, woodear fungus also adds a perfect crunch to this mouthwatering Malaysian salad.