8 Meat-alicious Dishes from Family Kitchen

Recipes that have meat as the star of the show! We bring you through a variety of ways to cook, chicken, duck, beef and lamb.

A tender roasted beef in an elaborate Asian flavored sauce!

A Malaysian-Indonesian must-have loaded with tender chicken pieces and spiced paste.

Grill these pieces of lamb loins for a juicy and glazed dish. The sauce is very important as it elevates the richness of the meats!

Wrap a whole chicken in parchment paper and cover it with salt to bake. What results from the oven is a tender chicken filled with its rich juices!

Simply place your chicken and choice of vegetables in a baking tray and roast away. Be sure to find out what goes into this marination for a flavorful roasted chicken.

A traditional Malaccan dish, Debel Chicken Curry, is a Portugese-influenced chicken dish that is both spicy and tangy!

Massaman is a special kind of Thai curry that is normally done with mutton and chicken. Try our take using Duck!

Make your own spicy chicken sausages from scratch with this easy recipe. Both kids and adults will be sure to love this dish.