Great Easter Meals: 6 Mains, Sides and Desserts

What's cooking for Easter? We've got 6 recipe suggestions for a big feast, from desserts like Easter Bunny Chocolate Cupcakes, to a simple and classic main - Herby Roast Ribs. There's more down below - but first, get the kids involved and make your afternoon in the kitchen extra fun.

1. Easter Bunny Cupcakes


The fabled Easter Bunny is a popular decoration on sugared treats all-round Easter. 

Choose cupcakes, because cupcakes are easy, and we think, way more fun to decorate than eggs! Whip up sweet cream and squeeze on an Easter bunny face. Use gummy sweets for ears, and pass the chocolate cupcakes around, because what goes ‘round comes around.
2. Easter Roasted Asparagus Pasta


Asparagus stalks taste freshest in Spring, and can be seen in menus all-round Easter.

This clean, simple roasted asparagus pasta is incredibly easy to make, but it’s packed with flavour. First, you’ll want to roast it- roasting brings out its natural sweetness. Splash olive oil on asparagus sticks, or even truffle if you like and spread them out in the oven. Now for pasta which can be plain or stirred with chilli padi for a little bit of heat.

3. Easter White Wine Chicken


Tip the bottle just a little, for that extra oomph in your chicken dishes.

And that's the case in this one - a splash of white wine in warm chicken broth will liven up your night. And crushed garlic too, because it goes so well with chicken. If you want less heat, go easy on black peppercorns.

4. Easter Bunny Macarons 


Don’t let your bunny be a prop, turn them into delightful macarons instead.

Bunnies pop up everywhere on Easter, so we’ve turned some of them into simple sugared macarons. You’ll find it fun to add bunny ears and chocolate drizzles, and get the kids involved!

5. Easter Herby Roast Ribs

To Christians, these crown-like arrangements hold special significance as a symbol for the crown of Christ. 

So come Sunday, make it the Best. Easter. Ever with a big plate of herby roast ribs for everyone. Great sides too- cranberry jam on warm cornbread. And put away the fork and knife, use your fingers, because fingers look best dressed in food.

6. Easter Chick Deviled Eggs


The first reference of “deviled” in food was in the 18th century- what dish though, was not so clear.

The Monday after Easter Sunday, people join in traditional egg rolling competitions to mark the day. But we’ve got an even better idea- make tasty eggs and eat them! Grab mustard, sweet mayonnaise and mash into a hard-boiled egg yolk. Then arrange in a cute chick look for extra giggles from the kids.

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