13 Lite Bites To Impress Raya Guests

Complement your Raya main dishes with these delicious sides.

Sauté your way to this aromatic vegetable recipe.

Nothing beats the texture of glutinous rice layered with sweet tasting kaya custard.

Quick and easy to make, this chicken and potato dish is comforting and wonderfully delicious.

10 minutes is all it takes to get this side dish ready for dinner.

The perfect accompaniment to any meat dish you're making in your kitchen.

This luscious fruit dessert is light and refreshing.

This Jakarta-style salad is a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Love Bali? You'd dig these Balinese-style mashed fish and coconut satays.

Vegetarians will love this divine combination of tofu and tempeh.

Enjoy a wonderful combination of meat and vegetables through this soup.

Whether for breakfast, lunch or snack time, this fried chicken recipe never fails to delight!

10 minutes is all it takes to stir fry this versatile vegetable.

These rolled crepe desserts are addictive and will be gone in no time!