14 Sweet Raya Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these 14 Hari Raya treats.

These crispy golden puffs made out of coconut milk, pandan leaves and egg are irresistible.

Martin Yan puts his baking skills to good use by creating these exqusite pastries. 

Wholesome and incredibly healthy, this sweet dish is actually loaded with nutrients. 

If you like it sweet and starchy, then this sweet yam soup hits the spot.

Do not ignore this sweet potato delight that's glazed in sinful syrup.

This Malaysian crepe snack has the right mix of sweet and savory flavors to leave you in awe.

These deep fried banana balls are perfect with a cup of tea.

Cool down with this condensed milk drink, drenched with fruity offerings.

This authentic Indonesian stuffed pancake is an amazing amalgamation of butter, cheese, peanuts, chocolate and lots of sugar. Best had warm.

A combination of jackfruit, salt, brown sugar and more, Sinole is an exotic Indonesian dessert that is easy to create in your kitchen.

Steamed bananas, syrup and a whole lot of ice makes for an unforgettable sweet treat.

Chef Marinka takes glutinous rice balls drenched in ginger syrup to  the next level with her beautiful plating.

This easy to make deep fried coconut can be served with cream, fruit and honey.