17 Seafood Delights To Celebrate Raya With

Wow your Hari Raya guests with these amazing seafood dishes.

Impress everyone with the the variety in this platter.

This delicious recipe is both zesty and healthy.

Serve up this popular home cooked fish recipe with Ulam salad on the side.

Spoon up a light and zesty snack with this recipe.

Grill your squid to perfection with this easy recipe by Ili Sulaiman.

Get the right mix of sweet, savory and spiced flavors in this delicious curry.

This simple crab recipe lets you enjoy its freshness at its best.

Anything with salted egg is pure yummy!

Comfort up to this light yet satisfying soup recipe.

This fried fish in soya sauce recipe only takes 30 minutes to make.

Cooked in coconut gravy and pineapple, this delicious curry is easy and fuss-free to make.

Marinade the fish ahead of time to make this delightful dish wrapped in banana leaf.

Bake this fish to perfection in 15 minutes.

The rich flavors of this fish curry is a sure winner with your family.

Fragrant and irresistible, this rice and fish combination offers a tasty, complete meal.

This humble yet delicious dish only takes 30 minutes to cook.

This fish curry dish is bold, spicy and incredibly delicious.