19 Easy Chicken Ideas To Celebrate Hari Raya With

These 19 trusted, quick and easy chicken ideas will make for an unforgettable Hari Raya celebration.

Spice up your kitchen with this devilish chicken curry dish from Nik Michael Imran.

This easy to make rendang dish is thick on gravy.

This spicy and tangy chicken curry recipe from Sherson Lian is a Malaccan favorite.

For a much healthier rendang, try cooking this yogurt-infused favourite.

Sauté your way to this easy chicken recipe.

This crunchy fragrant chicken recipe is bound to impress your guests.

This roasted chicken soaked in tamarind water and salt is a surefire hit.

Learn to make a Balinese spice mixture that's perfect for your roasted chicken.

This spicy fried chicken dish from Ili Sulaiman will spark your appetite.

This easy to make chicken snack will work for any time of the day.

Chicken in rich and simmering tomato sauce will delight your tastebuds.

A deep fried spicy peppered treat, best eaten with hands.

Learn the secrets to making smooth and silky chicken that pairs well with rice.

Coconut curry chicken goodness, perfect for your next big meal.

Noodles and chicken make the perfect pairing in this satisfying curry recipe.

Enjoy this deep fried spicy chicken magic from Chef Marinka.

This quick and easy Indonesian chicken dish is the right mix of sour and spicy.

Learn to make the perfect marinade for this grilled chicken dish.

Made in a bamboo steamer and filled with aromatic spices, this Indonesian chicken recipe is a show stealer.