9 Irresistible Next Level Seafood Meals From Ili Sulaiman To Try For Hari Raya

Bring the freshest flavors of the sea to the table for your Hari Raya celebrations!

This BBQ platter will impress your guests with its sheer variety of ingredients.

Serve up the seared tuna on its own or with rice!

Use the salting technique to keep the fish moist while cooking.

Pair clams with aromatic lemongrass and pasta for refreshing flavors. 

This seafood salad makes for refreshing bite-sized delights at your gathering.

Whether as an appetizer or a side dish, this grilled squid recipe serves as a delicious addition to any meal.

Enjoy this sweet and savory curry goodness.

Bring out the best flavors of fresh crabs with this amazingly simple recipe.

Cook your prawns evenly by baking them and pairing them with sinful salted egg yolk.