How to Prepare Prawns

From the market to the pan, prepping and cooking prawns are as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Choose the prawn

Fresh prawns are firm and their shells are still intact. While they are briny, they should not have any foul smell!

Remove the head

Detach the head from the body, but don't throw them away. You can keep your prawn heads to make your very own seafood or prawn stock!

Remove the shell

Make life easy for your dinner guests and peel the shells off your prawns. Leave the tail intact for better presentation.

Remove the vein

Use a pairing knife and gently slice the outer edge of the prawn by making a shallow incision. Once this is done, you can easily remove the vein, which is actually the prawn's intestinal tract!

Butterfly the prawn

Similar to the previous step, use a pairing knife to slice the outer edge of the prawn halfway through, without slicing it completely in half.

Cook the prawn

When it turns pink on both sides, it's good to go. Nothing beats tender and juicy prawns!

To recap what you've just learnt, watch the video and master the techniques of preparing prawns.

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