It's Fried Chicken Galore With These 9 Recipes

There are more ways to prepare fried chicken than you know! Colonel Sanders would be proud!

Who needs take out when you can impress your friends with your very own homemade buffalo wings?

Also known as Karaage, this Japanese-style fried chicken is so easy to cook and so tasty!

With this recipe, you don't have to resort to fast food anymore!

Let the aromas of this Ayam Goreng Berempah fill your entire kitchen!

Fun Fact: Buttermilk imparts good flavour and helps the coating stick to the chicken!

Enjoy this fried chicken while enjoying an episode of your favorite Korean Drama series!

Spice up your wings by jerking, or poking the meat with holes so flavors can be absorbed easily.

Add some luscious gravy to give your classic fried chicken that extra bit of flavor.

Sweet and savory! Who knew that chicken and waffles could be the perfect pairing?