Under 15 Minutes

Simple and fuss free recipes under 15 minutes.

No Cooking Needed

Who says you need to cook to up a storm to create a delicious meal?

Easy Desserts

Easy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Check out these recipes for inspiration on what vegetarian dishes to make at home!

For Families

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Recipes meant for families. 45 minutes or less.

Asian Flavors

Asian cuisines are not complete without these staple ingredients!

Fish Frenzy

Cooking fish does not have to be difficult, try out these easy recipes that are sure to impress your guests

Beef Bonanza

You will go bananas with all these delicious beef recipes!

Comfort Food

Comfort food made to warm up your soul and make you feel at home.

For the Creative

Wanna impress someone with your cooking skills? Try out these recipes curated for the creative in you.