Asian Flavors

Asian cuisines are not complete without these staple ingredients!

Ikan Bilis

Ikan bilis is often used to flavour soups or as a garnish. Though small, they are definitely instrumental in Asian dishes!


The aromatic scents of pandan leaves make them an attractive option to flavour desserts with. 

Gula Melaka

Sweet and coconuty, gula melaka enhances the flavours of your desserts by giving them a fragrant note!


Hit all the highs with this spicy mixture! Add sambal to your meals for a spicy twist to your dishes.


Piquant and tangy flavours infused into your dishes!


Enjoy some fruity fun and chill out with some coconuts!

Anything with Soya

Go savory with Soya and bring out the flavours of your fish and meat with this light condiment!

Salted Egg

Creamy and luscious, it is no wonder salted egg sauce is more than just a trend and is here to stay.