Steamed, boiled, oven-baked, pan or deep-fried, these fish recipes will be sure to impress your family, kids and guests.

Freshly Steamed

Nothing beats steaming your fish to bring out the natural sweetness of its meat. 

Salmon temptations

Salmon is a versatile fish that goes well with many sauces and garnishes!

Baked goodness

Cooking healthy does not mean you should compromise on taste. Try out these delicious baked recipes for a change!

Fried to perfection 

Crispy yet moist, these dishes taste great when paired with white rice or porridge. 

Grill it up!

Grilled fish tastes exceptionally delicious with the slight smokey flavour from the grill. So try these recipes out!


The broth of the dish is as delicious as the fish itself.