Under 30 Minutes

A combination of Asian recipes under 30 minutes, ideal for the busy home kitchen.

Fried Rice

A classic Chinese dish - Fried Rice! Simply choose any of these easy recipes to whip up your own fried rice at home.

Quick Vegetable Dishes

Here are some quick and easy vegetable recipes under 30 mins to enjoy.

Simple Appetizers

Simple appetizer recipes under 30 minutes to try.


Check out these alternatives to fried rice in under 30 minutes!

Egg Dishes

Egg-cellent choices for an egg-citing meal ahead.

Noodle Delights

Nod to these delicous and easy noodle recipes!

Easy Seafood Dishes

Seafood dishes in under 30 minutes.

Soups and Stews

Simple soup and stews in under 30 minutes


Chicken dishes in under 30 minutes. Perfect with a bowl of rice.