5 Chocolate Recipes for the Holiday Season

Get into the festive mood and go choco loco with these decadent chocolate desserts!

Layers and layers of soft chocolate sponge cake, smooth custard and sweet pears - this trifle by Anna Olson is guaranteed to be a hit at dinner parties.

6 ingredients are all you need to make these bite-sized delights. Store in a cool, dry place before serving!

Chocolate on chocolate, the best part of this recipe is spreading the glaze all over the cake. Gather the kids and have fun baking this holiday!

Roll your way to your family's hearts with this classic chocolate and peanut butter dessert, which only takes 40 minutes to make.

What's a holiday feast without a chocolate pudding? Gooey and moist, the rich chocolatey flavors are perfectly balanced out by the tanginess of the raspberries.