Say Goodbye to Bland and Boring Chicken Breast with These 7 Delicious Recipes!

Sometimes, chicken breast can be dry and flavorless. However, it can be one of the most versatile types of meat if you know how to cook it well. Try these out, and you won't regret it!

Grilled to perfection, these chicken skewers are aromatic, tender and full of flavor.

A quick and easy one dish meal that's perfect for weeknight dinners.

Stuff yourself with these addictive crunchy rice balls with a tasty chicken filling!

Brighten up your roasted chicken breast with multi-colored sauteed bell peppers.

This sambal rice stuffed in chicken breast is sure to impress the spicy food lovers. Omit the sambal paste if you can't take the heat!

Challenge yourself to achieve a sweet and thick teriyaki glaze without overcooking the chicken breast.

A Vietnamese-inspired chicken salad which involves fish sauce and spices. Add shredded chicken breasts to onions, cabbage and chillies to make this salad a great meal.