8 Dishes from Cooking for Love S3 that are Perfect for Potlucks

Planning a potluck party with your friends? Prepare one of these dishes to impress them!

The ultimate potluck dish! You can customise your very own taco by assembling it yourselves.

Prepare this dish for Asian potluck parties as it'll go really well with rice!

Looking for an easy way out of preparing a dish for a potluck? This simple and fuss-free salad is the way to go.

This seafood dish serves as the perfect side for other rice or noodle dishes that your friends might have prepared!

Infuse Asian flavors to your corn and dish out this quick and easy dish as an appetizer or side dish at your party!

A nice dessert or snack while chilling out with your friends!

Sum up the potluck party with your friends with a photo of this beautiful dessert that's super instagrammable!

A little treat to end off the party!

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