7 All Time Favourite Dishes from Martin Yan Asian Favorites S1

Just like Martin Yan, these classic dishes will never go out of style.

It doesn't have to take hours to cook like a master chef! Tasty and flavorful, you can recreate Martin Yan's signature stir fried noodles in under 30 minutes.

Fresh spring rolls are both delicious and nutritious. You won't even feel guilty gobbling up more than one of these yummy wraps during meals.

A classic Thai favorite, this flavorful dish will never fail to impress with its beautiful plating. A feast for the eyes and stomach.

This list won't be complete without a curry recipe. Rich and savory, it's best eaten with a serving of rice.

Whip up this refreshing papaya salad within 15 minutes! Spicy, sweet, sour, savory, it's an explosion of flavors in every mouthful.

The tasty broth makes this dish an absolute winner. A tip from the chef himself: add extra rice wine for added flavor. You'll be slurping up every last drop.

You definitely can't go wrong with chicken. Simple yet super yummy, this dish deserves a spot in any dinner menu.

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